My new book “La Ciencia de los Detalles” is out!

Only in Spanish (sorry).

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Details are often as imperceptible as they are powerful. Whom we vote for (or if we vote), how much we save, how frequently we exercise, whether we go (or not) to the doctor, getting vaccinated, taking that daily pill that can save our lives – all are important decisions and sometimes a matter of life or death. And, even if we don’t realize it, they depend on small details.

Details matter, and that’s good news because it means that achieving behavior changes can be easier ‘and less costly’ than we thought. This becomes crucial not only for our individual well-being but also for that of our community and even our countries. However, it’s also perilous because it implies that, if we want to make good decisions, we have to pay much more attention to the subtle nuances that influence every step we take.

This is what Behavioral Economics does, and it’s what many experts (including the authors of this book) have been doing: identifying those details and using them to improve the way we make decisions. The science of details is not just a scientific book; it brings the lessons of years of research to real life, from the laboratory to the dance floor of decisions.