I am an editor (for Brazil) of the Academic Blog (in Spanish) Foco Economico.

I write a bi-weekly newsletter in Spanish to make economics papers understandable to a broader audience: Esto No es Economía (This is not Economics).

My research has been covered by several media outlets such as The Economist, New York Times, NBC News, Le Point (France), La Nacion (Argentina), Folha, O Globo, Estadao (Brazil), Letras Libres (Mexico), El Pais (Uruguay).

Also, I occasionally contribute to podcasts such as Pocket Economics, La Nacion Podcast (Argentina) or Aprender De Grandes (Argentina). I also write in or contribute to different newspapers in Latin America, such as La Nacion, Clarin (Argentina), CNN – Expansion, Nexos (Mexico). I published several columns in VoxEU and The Conversation, and was interviewed about my research in leading newspapers in Latin America, such as La Nacion (on corruption and polarization).

In 2021 I gave a Ted talk at www.TedxRiodelaplata.org.ar (in Spanish).

Are we (Argentineans, Latin Americans) “corrupt by nature”? Are our values and beliefs set in stone? What type of events or interventions can make us a better society?

A 10 minutes answer based on my research studying the formation of corrupt social norms in Mexico and my research on interventions to foster prosocial behavior among teachers in Peru.

By the way, I like taking photos. Here are two that I took in my two favorites countries in the world: