I am (or have been) an advisor to several governments and organizations in Latin America. Since 2018 I am an advisor/consultant to the Inter-American Development Bank (Behavioral Group).

In 2020 I was an expert/advisor in the IDB-Gov Lab NYU Smarter Crowdsourcing Covid Initiative to advise governments of Latin America and the Caribbean on their communication strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2021 I was an external jury and advisor to the newly created Government Nudge Unit of Argentina.

Technical and Policy Notes

Evaluacion de la intervencion para aumentar la inscripcion de afrodescendientes a cursos de capacitacion para el empleo en Uruguay (Spanish, w/ Mauricio Cotino, 2021) – IDB Technical Note (2021)

Lessons from behavioral economics to improve treatment adherence in parenting programs: an application to SMS (with Florencia Lopez Boo)

Designing behaviorally informed health interventions: adherence to micronutrient treatment in El Salvador (with Pedro Bernal, Stewart Kettle, Florencia Lopez Boo, and Emma Iriarte)